Zahira Asmal

(South Africa)

Zahira Asmal is an urbanist and director of The City, a research, publishing and place-making agency, she founded in 2010. In her projects, Zahira seeks to enhance the making of public places and spaces in South African cities through engagement and collaboration with governments, cultural institutions, designers, artists, academia, and the public. Her books Reflections & Opportunities published in English and Brazilian Portuguese was presented in 17 cities worldwide, and Movement, three editions - examine sociopolitical, economic, and cultural environments shaping South Africa’s big cities. 

Zahira worked with Sir David Adjaye on his book and exhibition on African metropolitan architecture and more recently, on a placemaking project in Johannesburg’s Park Station. Her current project, See, explores contested urban histories, equal representation in the memorialisation of history and the construction of resilient postcolonial urban identities; Zahira served as advisor to the Africa Architecture Awards in 2017, African Crossroads in 2018 and is currently serving on the Board of Advisors for the International Archive of Women in Architecture.

Current Project
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