Robert van der Noordaa


Robert van der Noordaa is a freelance Dutch investigative journalist and analyst specialising in Ukraine and Russia. He has been writing articles about technical subjects since 1997. He has been following events in Ukraine and Russia since 2004. He has conducted extensive work interviewing Russian dissidents and studying hybrid warfare and propaganda since 2014. He lived Ukraine and Russia for many years. The past three years he has worked on analyzing trolls and troll army's on Twitter and Facebook.

His articles were published by Volkskrant, Groene Amsterdammer and Stopfake/Integrity Initiative and Atlantic Council. For broadcaster Humanistische Omroep (abbr. HUMAN) he worked on an episode of tv-series Denktank (Eng. Thinktank) on Russian trolls and political influence using social media. For broadcaster VPRO he did research for a documentary on Russian influence in Sweden called "Schimmenspel - Poetins onzichtbare oorlog" (Shadowplay - Putin's invisible war).