Baia Pataraia


Baia Pataraia is a human rights lawyer and civil activist. She holds LLM in International Human Rights Law from Central European University (2006) and Master’s degree in International Law from Tbilisi State University (2004). Since 2013 she chairs prominent women’s organization “Sapari”. In 2009-2013 she worked at Ministry of Justice of Georgia on various managerial positions. Since 2008 has been a visiting lecturer at various universities in Georgia.

Since 2011 as a national expert Baia Pataraia trains judges, prosecutors and lawyers on gender issues, domestic violence and anti-discrimination law in cooperation with international organizations and national training centers. In 2014 Baia Pataraia founded Georgian Women’s Movement, informal group consists up to 3000 women, who perform various advocacy activities and campaigns, including street demonstrations, performances and social campaigns on women’s rights.