Alice Stollmeyer


Alice Stollmeyer is the Founder & Executive Director of 'Defend Democracy'. A former digital advocacy strategist, she has lived and worked in Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, the heart of the European Union.

With a solid background in 'social studies of science, technology & society' and in communication, in 2012 Alice founded her own consultancy @StollmeyerEU, which specialises in EU public affairs, political communications and digital advocacy. She has been ranked a top digital EU influencer ever since (#1 female digital EU influencer 2019 and 2020).

In 2016 @StollmeyerEU broadened its portfolio: previously focused on energy and climate policies, now its focus is politics, digital developments and European values like democracy, human rights and rule of law.

In 2017 @StollmeyerEU successfully accomplished a major assignment as interim Communications Director at the Women Political Leaders Global Forum.

On 8 November 2017, Alice Stollmeyer founded 'Defend Democracy', an independent, nonpartisan, transatlantic foundation defending liberal democracy from internal, external and technological threats.

Defend Democracy operates on the frontline: building awareness, shaping advocacy and taking action. To achieve its mission, Defend Democracy works through communication, cooperation and community. Its signature event is already on the map: #DemocracyDrinks now take place in Aarhus, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen and Washington DC, and we plan to bring them to more cities.