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The key themes of the 2020-2025 program will be A Healthy Information Eco-System, A Fair Climate Policy and Equality and Identity. The program will strive to develop principles how to deal with these contemporary challenges (both during and between Sakharov Hearings in the years 2020-2025), which will be adopted at the Eighth Sakharov Hearings in Helsinki in 2025.

Primary activities
The primary activities will be the organization of public events, including a series of Sakharov Hearings and Conferences, and a program focusing on the younger generations. In 2021 the Centennial of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Andrei Sakharov will; be part of the program. Other activities, among others within the broader academic community, civil society initiatives and cultural manifestations will also contribute to shaping the agenda with regards to cooperation, security, tolerance and human rights in Europe.

Special focus
A special focus is on the younger generations, born after the turbulent political changes of the late 1980s and early 1990s. For that purpose special educational programs, thematic academic summer schools and events will be organized to involve the younger generations. A special committee will assist in selecting “young change makers” from the Europe and Eurasia, who will actively contribute to the implementation of the goals of the  'Reviving the Helsinki Spirit' project and help shape the young generation's view of the current challenges for civil societies in the digitalized world.

The grassroots initiative
The grassroots initiative, implemented with active support from governmental circles that share the same ideals, should lead to a multitude of civil society activities that stimulate debates and action with regard to a new agenda for Europe.

Public events
In our public events, e.g. the Sakharov Hearings and Sakharov Conferences, we want to make sure that a significant part of the audience consists of “young change makers” from Western Europe, Central Europe and Eurasia. Some will be selected through “young change maker dinners” that will be organized at foreign diplomatic missions in Lithuania, The Netherlands, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and hopefully also other countries.

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