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On May 20-21, 2020, in Vilnius, the Sixth International Sakharov Hearings will take place in the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania.

The  Sixth International Sakharov Hearings are the first to be held since 1985, and resume the series of high-level meetings that discuss key political issues in Europe with a strong focus on human rights. The 2020 Hearings aim to address new challenges for societies in European continent through an inclusive dialogue. For the 2020 Hearings the following key themes were selected: 

1. A Healthy Information Eco-System (linking the digital world and fundamental freedoms)

2. A Fair Climate Policy & civic activism

3. Equality and Identity (Inclusive societies - remote or achievable goals) 

The program of the Hearings will include an opening session; an introduction session regarding the Helsinki Accords and the importance of Sakharov legacy; discussions and debates based on the three above-mentioned themes kicked-off by testimonies by expert witnesses; and a final session on the agenda for 2020-2023 and how to proceed. The Sakharov Hearings in Vilnius should result in a declaration summing-up the discussions with concrete recommendations.

For the Sixth Sakharov Hearings in 2020 we will reserve the core of the auditorium for young participants, in order to stimulate their participation in the debates.

The program will be such that members of the audience will be invited to take part in the discussions.

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