The Tenth International Sakharov Conference will be held at the European Parliament in Brussels. The conference has a special meeting as it takes place within the context of the Sakharov Centennial, in the course of which many events are being organized worldwide.

The Tenth International Sakharov Conference is at the same time part of the “Reviving the Helsinki Spirit” program, an initiative to inspire civil society on the European continent to help find new avenues for cooperation, solidarity and search for solutions for the challenges that we currently face by reviving the spirit of the 1975 Helsinki Accords and using the legacy of the Andrei Sakharov as a personification of the values and principles of the Helsinki Accords.

The overriding theme of the Sakharov Conference is “Freedom of Thought”, however focusing particularly at the free main “baskets” that have been selected for the Reviving the Helsinki Spirit program:

 1. A Healthy Information Eco-System;
2. A Fair Climate Policy;
3. Equality and Identity.

These themes are arguably central for the future of the world, and initiatives are clearly required in our region. Each of the themes arises from one of the three Helsinki Accord 'Baskets', which correspond to the title of Sakharov's 1975 Nobel Prize lecture, "Peace, Progress and Human Rights".

A fourth component of the Sakharov Conference will focus specifically on Andrei Sakharov himself, highlighting his work in particular in the fields of denuclearization and human rights.

 Within each a number of key speakers will provide their insights with regard to the interface between the three above mentioned themes and the issue of freedom of thought.

* The date of the conference will be announced  shortly!

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